Pilot Earthquake Early Warning in Kathmandu

Pilot Earthquake Early Warning in Kathmandu


Data+ students led by Prof. Henri Gavin will develop AI models for on-site earthquake early warning, in which sensors at a site provide warnings at that site. The Data+ project will integrate into ongoing work on geophone sensors, IOT microcontrollers, and networking. The Data+ team will focus on machine learning aspects of the project by making use of extensive seismic databases. The machine learning model, an anisotropic Gaussian Process, will relate waveform characteristics from the initial moments of shaking to predict the maximum expected shaking at the monitored site.

Project Lead: Henri Gavin
Project Manager: James Matuk, Ph.D

View the team’s final poster

Watch the team’s final presentation below:

Decentralized micro-controller waveform processing for P-wave metrics

2022 Data+ algorithm development



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