Our partners enrich the experience of our students by extending the Rhodes iiD experience outside the campus. Partners benefit from the expertise of our faculty and graduate students, and the energy and brilliance of our undergraduates.

Partnership with Rhodes iiD builds pathways for recruiting talent—interns and full-time staff with strong analytics and a strong client focus.

Tackling Complex Issues with Big Data

Finance and Philanthropy

Yun Chu at Fidelity Charitable

Fidelity Charitable provides students with research and internship opportunities, challenging them to find new ways to use Big Data to connect, empower, and engage donors.

“Last summer, my team worked with Fidelity Charitable’s data, designing an information system to provide insight into philanthropic trends. Engaging with industry stakeholders helped us fine-tune our model and our communication skills. At the end of the internship, we presented our work to Fidelity Charitable’s senior leadership team. The experience was unparalleled.” —Yunchu Huang ’16

Health and Medicine

Nurse with medicine
Accenture is teaming up with Rhodes iiD and Duke Medical Center to address client-specific challenges, such as using predictive analysis to build effective programs for managing diabetes. Students will collaborate with Accenture professionals on structuring and organizing patient data, gaining experience translating clients’ needs into real-world data solutions. In turn, their work will help Accenture achieve sustainable business outcomes.

Energy and Environment

Duke’s trailblazing Energy Data Analytics Lab transforms information into solutions that can improve our world’s energy systems. Working closely with industry and policy leaders, Duke researchers are applying advanced analytics to make energy more accessible, affordable, reliable, and clean. They are addressing everything from energy production to new markets to consumer behavior.

Gift Opportunities

We work with partners across all industries. Discover how your business can be stronger. Help create solutions to significant global problems. And help grow a generation of students ready to lead in a data-rich world.

professor and studentsResearch and Innovation

Fuel forward-thinking research that transcends traditional boundaries.

  • Provide precious seed funds to jump-start new data-based research.
  • Support graduate or postdoctoral fellows. Fellowships attract exceptional young scholars to Duke who will mentor undergraduates and make invaluable contributions in our labs.
  • Fund a designer-in-residence to create data visualization for significant projects.

Talent Development

Grow a pipeline of students who can apply data analytics to meet key business objectives.

  • Give students exciting opportunities to sharpen their client-focused skills while working on data problems your company is facing today.
  • Strengthen Rhodes iiD’s faculty bench by bringing a professor of the practice to Duke. This industry expert will teach students how data analytics intersects with the real world.

Become a Partner

Join us in building data-powered solutions, and leaders, that will move the world forward. We welcome new collaboration opportunities. If your company is interested in becoming a partner with Rhodes iiD, please contact:

Kirsten Shaw
Associate Director of Corporate and Industry Relations, Pratt School of Engineering

iiD students