Systems Biology Insights Into Antimicrobial Resistance Evolution and Physiology

AI Health virtual seminar: What are informatics and data science, and why do they matter in health?

Duke-Industry Statistics Symposium (DISS2023)

Extending the Weighted Generalized Score Statistic for Comparison of Correlated Means

Exposomic Modeling Approaches for Social and Environmental Determinants of Health

The RNA-Protein Interaction Code: Motifs, Interfaces, and Evolution

AI Health Spark Seminar Series: Driving AI Innovation with Synthetic Data in Longitudinal Imaging, Continual Leaning, and Federated Learning for Healthcare

Legal Issues in Computational Research Using Images and Audio-Visual Works

Joint NC BERD Seminar: Identifying and managing threats to validity: DAGS and other causal inference methods

Multiomic Characterization of Cell State Heterogeneity in Human Brain Tumors

AI Health virtual seminar: Design and Implementation of a Novel Platform for COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Testing

Community-Scale Metabolic Menables Precision Microbiome Engineering

Joint NC BERD Seminar: Interaction and effect modification: what are they and how are they different

2023 Fortin Foundation Bass Connections Showcase

AI Health Virtual Seminar: What’s important in the ethics and safety of artificial intelligence in health?

BERD Seminar: Advancing Equitable Data Science at Duke and Beyond

AI Health Virtual Seminar: A Guide to Conducting a Successful Computer Vision Project: Insights from Duke AI Health Fellows

AI Health Virtual Seminar: Challenges in Bring-Your-Own-Device Design-based Digital Health Studies to Develop Reliable and Generalizable Artificial Intelligence Tools for Healthcare Application

BERD seminar: Analysis of Two-stage Seamless Adaptive Clinical Trials