Mental Health and the Justice System in Durham County

Mental Health and the Justice System in Durham County (2022)


A team of students led by researchers Nicole Schramm-Sapyta (Duke Institute for Brain Sciences) and Maria Tackett (Statistical Science) will explore the impacts of community health services and local laws and policies on the justice-involved population in Durham. The team will create a public-facing interactive timeline of the implementation of mental health services, drug laws, and court policies in Durham; the data used to create the timeline will also be incorporated into the team’s ongoing analyses. Students will also analyze data from the Durham County Detention Center and Duke Health to explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on incarceration and health-care utilization for the justice-involved population, along with the effects of policies related to mental illness and justice involvement. The data sets and analysis produced in Data+ will provide a foundation for the team’s research in Bass Connections during the 2022 – 2023 academic year.  Students are asked to commit to working with the team for Summer, 2022 (Data +) as well as Fall and Spring 2022-2023 (Bass Connections).

Project Leads: Nicole Schramm-Sapyta and Maria Tackett
Project Manager: Betsy Bersson

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