Mental Health and the Justice System in Durham County (Year 4)

Mental Health and the Justice System in Durham County (Year 4)


Brianna Cellini (Global Health, Neuroscience), Kexin (William) Feng (Public Policy, Philosophy), John Liakos (Neuroscience), and Maya Pandey (Political Science, Public Policy) received updated data from the Durham county sheriff’s office and Duke health, adding data from 2019-2020.  They spent the summer cleaning that data, comparing past demographics and descriptive statistics to the new data, and preparing to analyze the effect of COVID and new Durham County policies on incarceration and health service utilization.  They also established a new criterion to indicate which patients experience severe mental illness, based on health system records, to complement the mental health tagging system from the detention facility.


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Project Lead: Nicole Schramm-Sapyta

Project Manager: Ruth Wygle



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