Anonymous 3

“I've learned so much about data science and I now feel very comfortable coding in several languages. There were multiple times during the summer where I was asked to do something and had absolutely no clue what I was doing, but Data+ gave me the skills and confidence to solve problems beyond what I thought was the limit of my knowledge. (Ultimately, I became really good at googling how to code!). I learned the importance of communication. It's very easy to spend all day coding, but if you're not able to communicate with the public on what you are doing, the code is meaningless.”

Jackson Hubbard

“I have gained a more realistic understanding of what working in a data scientist role looks like. I have learned a lot more than I was expecting to and cemented the skills that I had learned in class. I came into the summer unsure of what area of technology I wanted to pursue as a career, but now I am more confident of my role within data science. I have further learned what it looks like to work within a team, with a manager, and with other coworkers.”
Jackson Hubbard

Michael Xue ​​​​​​​

“Data+ helped me learn a lot about how to create a machine learning pipeline in order to discover meaningful relationships in data. It also gave me a broader view of data science and career opportunities. I also learned that data science research involves a lot of preprocessing and simply turning the data into a form that a model can digest.”
Michael Xue
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