A city and its river: Contaminant Risk in Durham

A city and its river: Contaminant Risk in Durham


A team of students led by researchers in the Duke River Center will develop a publicly available and accessible website to serve as a portal to explore diverse and extensive datasets detailing the quality of waterways and the effectiveness of management efforts to reduce risks associated with chemical contaminants, stormwater flow, and flooding. For example, these datasets are critical in developing mitigation efforts to prepare for changing and new climatic patterns (e.g., extreme weather events and flooding, drought and protecting drinking water resources). However, the data is not readily accessible and easy to visualize for the general public. The website will be developed in collaboration with our community collaborator, the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association, and Data+ teammates will have the unique opportunity to engage with a separate NSF-funded workshop focused on teaching tools for visualizing these datasets; the workshop will bring together ~30 early scientists across academia, government, and industry.

Project Lead: Emily Bernhardt
Project Manager: Jonathan Behrens

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