Satellite image

Energy Resource Assessment


The team built a ground truth dataset comprising satellite images, building footprints, and building heights (LIDAR) of 40,000+ buildings, along with road annotations. This dataset can be used to train computer vision algorithms to determine a building’s volume from an image, and is significant contribution to the broader research community with applications in urban planning, civil emergency mitigation and human population estimation.

Project Results

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Faculty Sponsors

  • Richard Newell, Director, the Energy Initiative at Duke
  • Leslie Collins, Duke University Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Timothy Johnson, Energy and the Environment
  • Kyle Bradbury, Managing Director, Energy Data Analytics Lab

Project Managers


  • Benjamin Brigman, Columbia University Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Sophia Park, Duke University Biomedical Engineering

Related People


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Environmental Management

Computer Science, Statistics

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