Analyzing the Gap in Cancer Control Equity in China

Analyzing the Gap in Cancer Control Equity in China


A team of students led by faculty from both Duke and Duke Kunshan will synthesize data from a variety of sources to investigate the social determinants of cancers in local areas, examine the impact of personal behaviors (such as diet, sleeping, exercise, smoking) and community characteristics (such as air/water/soil quality, built environment, social norms, discrimination, marginalization) on cancer-related outcomes, and conduct systematic review and meta-analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of the current cancer prevention and control policies and interventions in China. The findings will provide rich empirical evidence to describe the cancer burden/disparity and its causes, identify the state-of-the-art cancer prevention and control practices, and inspire the development of region-specific and population-tailored policies and interventions to close the equity gap in cancer prevention and control in China.

Project Lead: Meifeng Chen
Project Manager: Kevin Moyung

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