Assessing Climate Change Risk of Rural Coastal Plain Communities


A team of students led by researchers within the Saltwater Intrusion and Sea Level Rise (SWISLR) Research Coordination Network will be tasked with creating a geospatial database summarizing the current extent of SWISLR and the current knowledge on SWISLR within the North American Coastal Plain. Students will be responsible for mapping scholarly articles, news stories, social media, and interviews to better identify how SWISLR is being discussed regionally. Additionally, remote sensing and modeling based estimates denoting the estimated “actual rate” of SWISLR will be mapped. During this process, Data+ team members will be invited to analyze their own co-developed research question related to the overarching question of: “what variabilities exist in information pertaining to SWISLR?” The information collected and created in this project will support future work within the SWISLR RCN.

Project Lead: Emily Bernhardt

Project Manager: Kiera O’Donnell