Visualizing data to increase access to diapers


A team of students will collaborate with researchers from the National Diaper Bank Network / the Diaper Bank of North Carolina (Kelley Massengale) and Duke Department of Pediatrics (Rushina Cholera) to assess characteristics of diaper bank recipient families. Utilizing the largest dataset of information provided by families accessing diaper banks, students will assess trends and shared characteristics to document utilization patterns of community-based diaper banks. In addition to these analyses, students will explore best practices for visualizing data to communicate findings to the general public, nonprofit diaper banks, and legislators. This work will further the efforts of diaper banks locally and across the nation as they increase access to material basic necessities through community-based programs, research, and policy action.

Project Leads: Kelley Massengale (Director of Research and Evaluation, Diaper Bank of North Carolina) and Rushina Cholera (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Population Health Sciences, and Faculty Fellow, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy)

Project Manager: Gabriel Chuang