illustration of two people holding a lab flask and a tablet

Mitigating the Risks of Emerging Technologies


Students will coordinate with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Working Party on Bio-, Nano-, and Converging Technology to develop a governance framework to both encourage the development of and mitigate the potential harms of emerging technologies. Framework development will require creative and interdisciplinary research to identify different dimensions of risks posed by emerging technologies. As part of this work, students will also conduct policy research to identify potential “soft-law” strategies – e.g. principles, standards, guidelines and codes of practice — to shape the trajectory of new technologies.

Project Leads: Nita Farahany, J.D., Ph.D. And Michael “Buz” Waitzkin J.D.

Project Manager: Esko Brummel M.A.

View the team’s project poster here: AE+ Poster-Freedom Online Coalition Team-F