North Carolina's Civil Court System

North Carolina’s Civil Court System—Using Data to Understand System-wide Data Patterns


A team of students will convert publicly available data, that are too unwieldy for easy use, from NC’s Administrative Office of Courts (AOC) into a database that will enable researchers, reporters and others to better understand how the civil legal system impacts North Carolina residents’ economic well-being. AOC’s civil case management system collects a lot of data but is not organized in an analysis-ready format, making it difficult to identify system-wide problems and recommend solutions. The Center for Responsible Lending recently conducted research into the financial impact on justice-involved individuals of converting criminal legal debt to civil judgments and made troubling findings about the number of people trapped in debt because of this practice. The team of students will build on and expand this research to other areas of the civil justice system.

Project Lead: Rochelle Sparko, Center for Responsible Lending

Project Manager: Zhanylai Turatkhan kyzy



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