third city project

Exploring, Collecting, & Sharing Data on Deaths in US Prisons


The US has one of the largest incarcerated populations per capita; prisons are dangerous environments with high in-prison and post-release mortality. Our 3rd City Mortality project tracks near-real-time data about individual deaths, including data completeness and release speed, across US state, federal, and Washington DC prison systems. Students will use 3rd City team data and data they will collect. They will build capacity of the 3rd City project by expanding the scope of data collection, researching other avenues of data collection and policy action, and testing modern technologies and special projects that can augment the work being done (including Amazon mTurk, spatial analysis, and modern AI tools).

Project Leads: Mike Dolan Fliss, Public health data scientist for epidemiology & informatics, UNC and Dr. Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein, associate professor in Duke Population Health Sciences

Project Manager: Jiwon Shin




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