Data Science for Community Safety in Durham

Data Science for Community Safety in Durham


A team of students will partner closely with the City of Durham’s newly formed Community Safety Department. The Community Safety Department’s mission is to identify, implement, and evaluate new approaches to enhance public safety that may not involve a law enforcement response or the criminal justice system. The student team will (1) analyze and identify geographic and temporal patterns in 911 calls for service, (2) conceptualize and build an abstracted data pipeline and tools that would enrich currently available 911 data with other social, economic, and health-related data, (3) explore associations between areas of high call volume, indicators of mental health distress, and histories of dispossession; and (4) identify methods by which future researchers could examine connections between varied 911 incident responses (e.g. police response, unarmed response, joint police, and mental health response) and life trajectories (e.g. arrest, jail time, hospitalization, unemployment, etc.).

Project Lead: Greg Herschlag, Anise Van, City of Durham
Project Manager: Deekshita Saikia

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