Duke Students Create Energy Datasets and Tools with Wide-Ranging Impact

Tuesday, October 2 2018

This summer, Data+ teams deployed cutting-edge data analysis techniques to aid the search for solutions to the global challenge of reliable electricity.

Making Sense of Syria's Murky Death Toll

Wednesday, September 19 2018

Some researchers are determined to do the best they can to keep Syria’s death count -- which may have reached half a million -- from getting lost in the fog of war. Duke statistician Beka Steorts is one of them.

Alumni Profile: Beka Steorts

Wednesday, September 19 2018

The University of Florida's YTORI Magazine profiled iiD faculty member Beka Steorts.

What Happens When Data Scientists Crunch Through Three Centuries of Robinson Crusoe?

Thursday, September 6 2018

Grant Glass, a Ph.D. student in English and comparative literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his Data+ team used computer algorithms and machine learning techniques to sift through 1,482 full-text versions of Robinson Crusoe to see how it's changed over the years. 

Data+ Team Introduces Novel Visualization Methods to Understand Contraceptive Trends

Thursday, September 6 2018

Saumya Sao and Melanie Lai Wai were proud to share the results of their 10-week Data+ project, Big Data for Reproductive Health.

Common Cause Prevails in Partisan Gerrymandering Lawsuit

Tuesday, August 28 2018

A three-judge federal district court panel in North Carolina again ruled in Common Cause v. Rucho that the North Carolina General Assembly violated the U.S. Constitution in 2016 when legislators manipulated congressional districts for partisan advantage. The case references Jonathan Mattingly's work on gerrymandering. 

Data+ Team Develops Program Recommendation App Designed to Spark Connections

Tuesday, August 21 2018

In partnership with Duke’s Office of Information Technology, the Co-curricular Technology Pathways E-advisor Data+ team spent 10 weeks researching and cataloguing the growing list of opportunities at Duke and developed an “e-advisor” app to recommend programs to students based on their unique backgrounds and interests.

Can’t Decide What Clubs to Join Outside of Class? There’s a Web App for That

Tuesday, August 21 2018

The Duke CoCurricular Eadvisor, an app developed as part of a Data+ project, comes up with a personalized ranked list of student clubs and programs based on interests and past participation compared to others.

254 Shades of Gray – Ingrid’s Beautiful Logic Legacy

Monday, August 13 2018

Ingrid Daubechies presented examples of how her work in image analysis has been used to restore, rejuvenate, and uncover lost works at this year's International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio de Janeiro. 

Duke Expert Helps Spearhead State's New Water Testing Program

Monday, August 13 2018

With some help from Duke analytical chemist Lee Ferguson and his million-dollar lab instrument, the state of North Carolina is about to launch one of the world’s most ambitious testing programs to detect chemical contaminants in drinking water.