Building an Educational Tool to Assess Resident Performance

Monday, June 19 2017

Duke General Surgery resident Shanna Sprinkle is leading iiD undergraduates in building a new educational database for Duke Surgery’s residency programs.The database will enable program directors to evaluate key performance metrics for residents and will serve as a valuable tool for surgical education research.

Removing Blurred Lines Caused by Shaky Hands

Tuesday, June 6 2017

Former Duke postdoc Mauricio Delbracio and iiD faculty member Guillermo Sapiro developed an algorithm recently integrated into Adobe After Effects that makes blurred images caused by shaky footage a thing of the past.

Data+ 2017: The First 2 Weeks

Monday, June 5 2017

On May 22, the Data+ 2017 Summer Program began with a Kickoff Breakfast attended by participants, clients, potential clients, faculty, and Duke administration.

Duke Student Shares Energy Data Analytics Lab Research with North Carolina Legislators

Wednesday, May 24 2017

Former Data+ student Hoel Wiesner shared research on energy resource assessment with North Carolina legislators at the State Capitol as part of Graduate Education Day.

Research from a New Point of View

Friday, May 19 2017

Duke Stories highlights the work of iiD faculty member Maurizio Forte: He and his team use drones and other high-tech resources to efficiently examine Italian landscapes in search of clues to ancient civilizations.

From London with Machine Learning

Monday, May 1 2017

Duke Vest Scholar Jure Sokolic has been working with iiD's Guillermo Sapiro and his research team to better understand how machine learning is being used in their research.

Energy Initiative Awards Seven New Seed Grants

Monday, May 1 2017

Research projects that explore new possibilities for energy storage, reliability, and sustainable development will receive funding in 2017 from the Duke University Energy Initiative’s Energy Research Seed Fund. iiD helped fund these grants, and researchers associated with our group also received funding through the program.

Duke Professor Guillermo Sapiro Wins Stansell Family Distinguished Research Award

Friday, April 28 2017

Dr. Guillermo Sapiro was awarded the Stansell Family Distinguished Research Award last Friday, April 21. The Distinguished Research Award is given each year to an outstanding researcher nominated by the department chairs and selected by a faculty committee.

Symposium on Data Optimization Under Uncertainty Draws National Crowd

Thursday, April 27 2017

To help spur advances in the increasingly important fields of optimization, uncertainty, and data, Duke hosted its inaugural “Optimization Under Uncertainty and Data-Driven Science and Engineering” symposium at the Washington Duke Inn on April 13-14, 2017.

Redistricting: Drawing the Line

Thursday, April 13 2017

Jonathan Mattingly's iiD projects on gerrymandering recently resulted in a published paper on the topic in Arxiv. The paper represents the most comprehensive analysis of the team's work and was the basis of Mattingly's expert testimony for the Common Cause Law suit against North Carolina for partisan gerrymandering.

Among the paper's authors are four undergraduates, a graduate student and a post-doctoral student.