Data+ is a 10-week summer research experience that welcomes Duke undergraduates interested in exploring new data-driven approaches to interdisciplinary challenges. Students join small project teams, working alongside other teams in a communal environment. They learn how to marshal, analyze, and visualize data, while gaining broad exposure to the modern world of data science.

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  • "The project mentor was fantastic. The three students I worked with were superb. We were able to make great progress that will lead to journal publications and grant proposals."

    —Wilkins Aquino, Professor, Duke Department of Electrical and Environmental Engineering

    Classification of Vascular Anomalies using Continuous Doppler Ultrasound and Machine Learning

  • "The Data+ team created two new datasets that we'll immediately deploy as a part of our core research efforts and will serve as the basis for an upcoming Bass Connections in Energy project. The outputs will be used towards two new research projects on energy infrastructure and access in developing countries, and will serve as the ground truth data for developing machine learning techniques for identifying energy infrastructure and access. The students were fantastic - hardworking, passionate about their work, and all-around wonderful people to work with."

    —Kyle Bradbury, Lecturing Fellow and Managing Director, Duke Energy Data Analytics Lab

    Electricity Access in Developing Countries from Aerial Imagery

  • "Participating in Data+ definitely changed my perception of Data Science research. It was more interdisciplinary than I expected, and the opportunity to work with experts across different fields (Medicine, Civil Engineering, Statistics) was a defining aspect of my Data+ experience."

    — Serge Assad, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Classification of Vascular Anomalies using Continuous Doppler Ultrasound and Machine Learning

  • "My participation in the Data+ program has shown me how to successfully work with a dynamic team. Each of my team members were fundamentally different in course interests and background, yet we came together to create a polished product in which we each were a point person for a specific portion. I have also gained confidence in my ability to learn new skills, as I basically taught myself (through Google and asking teammates) how to program in R over this summer."
    —Devri Adams, Environmental Science

    Data Viz for Long-term Ecological Research and Curricula

  • "Before Data+, data science research sounded like a non-collaborative job involving PhD-level statistical concepts. Data+, however, showed me that there is a place for collaborative workers from all different backgrounds (and of all skill levels) in Data Science research. Participating in Data+ has enriched my technical skills as a coder; I am now able to navigate soft wares and employ coding languages that I was not at all familiar with before the start of the program. Even more valuable, however, are the "soft" skills I have gained -- specifically, the ability to approach collaboration with an open mind."

    —Susie Choi, Computer Science

    Visualizing Real Time Data from Mobile Health Technologies

  • "I gained valuable program management experience. Given that after the program was over I got hired as a consultant manager at CollegeVine, I'd say it paid off."

    —Stefan Waldschmidt, English

    Quantified Feminism and the Bechdel Test

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