Smart-phone-assisted digital rejuvenation of medieval paintings


A team of students led by Mathematics professor Ingrid Daubechies will explore the feasibility of building an app that museum visitors could use to virtually rejuvenate paintings in museums.

The app would require photographs taken by the user in the museum, as well as high resolution images provided by the museum website. The app would allow user-assisted image manipulation and interaction with curators and/or conservators at the museum, and provide a platform to which users would upload intermediate results. This project is inspired by the experience of the Duke Bass Connections team that developed the virtual rejuvenation of the Ghissi altarpiece, presently on display at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Sponsored by Bass Connections.

Faculty Lead: Ingrid Daubechies

Project Manager: Robert Ravier, Gradute student in Mathematics

Student Team: Raphael Kim, Liuyi Zhu






Paul Bendich , Mathematics


Digital Humanities
Social Sciences