Sammy Garland

Undergraduate Students
Computer Science, Decision Science Certificate, Chinese minor

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About My Data+ Experience

"I LOVE the Data+ program! Not only has it helped me improve my technical skills (I'd never worked with machine learning before this summer, and that's what my project was all about!), but I also learned how to work collaboratively on programming tasks and balance my client's expectations vs our own curiosity and wish to explore various methods.

I already had a pretty good idea of what participating in data science research entailed from last summer, but this summer served to reinforce those beliefs. Participating in data science research is messy -- there's always more data that can be cleaned or re-interpreted, you have to always be communicating with your group to update them on what you find, and so many paths don't work out -- but rewarding when you finally figure out how to work your problem and you get results you are confident of."