Preethi Seshadri

Preethi Seshadri

Data Science, Harvey Mudd College

About My Data+ Experience

“It reinforced how interdisciplinary and applicable Data Science research truly is. Despite the projects all participating in data science research, it was interesting to see how varied the projects were (both in terms of the domain area, but also the outcomes of the project like constructing a database with labeled data, building a tool to extract tables, creating a shiny app, or researching a focused question and producing quantifiable results, etc.).”

Related Projects

Samantha Garland (Computer Science), Grant Kim (Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering), and Preethi Seshadri (Data Science) spent ten weeks exploring factors that influence patient choices when faced with intermediate-stage prostate cancer diagnoses. They used topic modeling in an analysis of a large collection of clinical appointment transcripts. Executive Summary (PDF) Disciplines Involved: Economics, PreHealth/PreMed, Biology,...