Martin A. Brooke

Martin A. Brooke

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Martin A. Brooke received the B.E. (Elect.) Degree (1st. Class Hons.) from Auckland University in New Zealand in 1981. He received the M.S. and Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from The University of Southern California in 1984, and 1988, respectively. He is currently an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Duke University. Professor Brooke was an Analog Devices Career development award recipient from 1988-1993, won a National Science Foundation Research Initiation Award in 1990, the 1992 IEEE Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Myril B. Reed Best Paper Award, and the Georgia Tech Outstanding Thesis Advisor Award in 2003. He has graduated twenty three PhD students from his research group and has six U.S. patents awarded. He has published more than 120 articles in technical Journals and Proceedings, and articles on his work have appeared in several trade publications. Dr. Brooke is a senior member of the IEEE.

Professor Brooke’s expertise is in multi-disciplinary, team-oriented collaborative research involving co-design and co-development of hybrid analog, digital, and optoelectronic information processing systems. He has conducted a research program in applications for ultra-compact optical sensors, short-haul and in-home optical data communications, real-time control, cost effective high performance and optoelectronic packaging, and predictive and statistical modeling of RF and optoelectronic passive and active components and circuits suitable for use in circuit design environments such as HSPICE and HPADS. Dr. Brooke’s research enables both undergraduate and graduate students to design, build, and test integrated circuits and associated support circuitry (over 50 designs so far) that get used by our collaborators for such exotic purposes as chemical analysis and jet turbine combustion control.

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