Grant Kim

Grant Kim

Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering

About My Data+ Experience

“The most surprising thing I gained from Data+ was patience. Starting the project, I imagined an explosion of results around every corner. Beautiful graphs with clear trends and machine learning models with near-perfect performance. But then I realized it isn’t like picking plump fruit off a tree. It’s more like hoeing potatoes from the ground. You need the persistence to keep digging and the humility to get dirty. Only then you start getting those golden nuggets.

Data+ made me realize that data science research is surprisingly pragmatic. I came in thinking that success in data science came down to statistical brilliance, but in reality, the key to success is flexibility. 99% of the methods we tried did not work, and the only way we moved forward was changing our perspective of the problem.”

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Samantha Garland (Computer Science), Grant Kim (Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering), and Preethi Seshadri (Data Science) spent ten weeks exploring factors that influence patient choices when faced with intermediate-stage prostate cancer diagnoses. They used topic modeling in an analysis of a large collection of clinical appointment transcripts. Executive Summary (PDF) Disciplines Involved: Economics, PreHealth/PreMed, Biology,...