Eric Soderman

Eric Rios Soderman

Data+ 2023: Neurocities and Ruinscapes

I am Eric, from Puerto Rico. I grew up in PR, and I moved to the states for the MS program. Adjusting to being back in school again has been interesting, a lot of Math reviews. As for my spare time, I use it to sleep and play the occasional game. I came here to do good work, as I am the first in my family to get a degree, a Bachelors, and with this, a Masters. I’m thinking of aiming for a PhD after this one.

Related Projects

A team of students led by professors Maurizio Forte, Classical Studies and AAHVS and Leonard White, Neurology, studied the embodied aesthetic experience engendered by real and virtual interactions with archeological ruins (“ruinscapes”) and virtual representations of places, spaces, and cultural artifacts associated with an ancient city. The focus will be...