Alexandra Putka

Alexandra Putka


About My Data+ Experience

“Overall, I feel like I entered the Data+ program largely ignorant of the scale of modern data science. The program not only broadened my understanding of the way data science is applied to many fields, but also increased my appreciation for specific uses. I am more confident in my data analysis skills and knowledge of certain programming languages, and I also feel more at ease conversing with others about my methods and results. The program introduced me to the broad field of data science and sparked an interest in the intersection of statistics with other quantitative science fields that I now hope to pursue throughout the rest of my Duke undergraduate career, and perhaps into graduate or medical school after I graduate.

The Data+ program certainly changed my perception of data science research. I had little previous experience with data research, so this program was essentially my first foray into this realm. I approached the experience with skepticism, as I was not sure how I would react to the research, but I was excited to learn. As the summer progressed, I was astounded by the work of others in many diverse fields, and I found that I was genuinely fascinated with my own group’s work. I now know how multifaceted data science research is, and I hope to continue to build my skills in the future.”

Related Projects

Alexandra Putka (Biology/Neuroscience), John Madden (Economics), and Lucy St. Charles (Global Health/Spanish) spent ten weeks understanding the coverage and timeliness of maternal and pediatric vaccines in Durham. They used data from DEDUCE, the American Community Survey, and the CDC. This project will continue into the academic year via Bass Connections. Click here to read the Executive Summary...