Alec Ashforth

Undergraduate Students
Economics, Mathematics

About My Data+ Experience

"I have gained 5000 dollars. Jokes aside, I would say that I have gained 2 specific skills from Data+: R programming and data management. Before Data+, I knew nothing about the programming language R. Now, I feel like I could start my own R project. Secondly, I learned more about managing large amounts of data through Data+. It has been a pain to change individual cells in Excel simply because information was inputted incorrectly or formatted in a way in which my R code can't read. Going through these challenges in Data+ will help me face these same problems in the future. Lastly, my specific project, Co-Curricular Technology Pathways E-Advisor, has given me more knowledge as to what clubs, resources, and academic programs are available at Duke of which many students aren't aware.

I noticed that Data Science is much more collaborative than I thought it would be. I always imagined that jobs requiring code would be completed by "lone wolves.” Data+ showed me that data projects require much more coordination with members of your group. The data must be managed correctly so that everyone's hard work isn't lost in a freak accident. Group members working on the website must coordinate with people collecting data so that neither group prevents the other from working."