Data+ Program Information for 2023 Participants

This information is for participants in the 2023 Data+ Program at Duke University.

Where and When

Data+ 2023 will operate in Gross Hall on Duke’s West campus, with occasional use of other facilities on West Campus. To foster a sense of community, living on campus is strongly encouraged; students are housed with other +Programs students. On campus students receive housing and a meal plan.


Participants are expected to participate full-time in person with their teams and may not accept employment or take classes for the duration of the program. If a student cannot be present for the entirety of the program, they must provide advance notice to program administrators in writing. Excessive absence may impact a student’s stipend.


Request Housing

Due to an error in the application form, we were unable to record your housing preferences. Students who need extension housing will be responsible for paying for those fees until the program begins.

Those who would like to find roommates in the Plus Programs for off-campus housing can connect with others via Off-Campus Housing Data/Code/CS/Ethics+ on GroupMe.


It’s essential we have your housing information to process the correct stipend amounts and to make sure those of you staying on campus have a place to stay!

Please submit your housing situation and choices for summer through the form below.

Housing Form

Keeping Housing

Any students who currently live on campus have these housing application options:

  1. Extension application to stay in current space until May 15 can be found through the Housing Portal
  2. Summer Housing application for the dates after May 15 (May 16 until their summer program starts or until they move into CES Summer Individual Housing) can be found through the Housing Portal

Participants can note on the Summer Housing application in the portal what program they are a part of and what day they would like to stay in their current space until. 

*There is a possibility that students may have to move to another space after May 15th before moving into their program location. Students would be contacted directly closer to that time if that is needed. 

Stipend Payments

Payments occur at the end of May and the end of June. Your timely payments depend on the completion of the below forms.

Students who would like to ensure that they receive their payments via direct deposit need to register in their Duke Hub account. Please check your Duke Hub account to make sure your account information is up to date.

Non-Duke students will receive a live check at the address indicated on their intake forms.

Direct Deposit Instructions

Project Manager Stipends

PM payments will be split into two equal payments. One will happen at the end of May and the other will happen at the end of June.

Your timely payments depend on the completion of the below PM intake form so that our payroll representative can set these up for you. Please complete the below short intake form ASAP so that we can make sure there are no barriers to making your stipend payments.

Please complete the form below.

PM Intake Form

International Students

International students will receive an email that contains a link to the Foreign National Form (FNF). The subject line of the email is “Visa and Passport information.” They have 21 days to complete the form. After that time, the link is inactive, and the initiator will have to resend the FNF.

Please keep an eye out for this email and follow the instructions. Due to the amount of time certain visas and approvals may take, we urge international students to start this process immediately.

Please refer to the following document for additional guidance on completing the FNF below.

FNF Information


Data+ participants will have talks at 10:00 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in Gross Hall room 107.

The Monday and Friday talks are devoted to teams discussing the work on their projects, and the Wednesday talks are provided by experts and industry professionals working in data science. Additional workshops and talks hosted by other Plus Programs (Code+, CS+, Climate+, Applied Ethics+) will be open to all Plus Program participants. We also have a popular alumni panel featuring previous Data+ participants discussing their careers in data science.

Breakfast will be provided on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. in the Gross Hall Energy Hub (first floor) before the talks.

Plus Programs will also offer many social opportunities over the summer for all participants to interact and have some fun together.

Our program schedule is currently in development but will be posted here when available.