Data+ Team Takes Deep Dive into Duke Ph.D. Experience

Sep 9, 2021

Look on the Graduate School website, and you will find more than 260 pages of program-specific statistics and infographics on admissions, enrollment, degree completion, and alumni career paths.

Yet that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Much more data still sit in spreadsheets, their insights shrouded by dense rows and columns.

Enter Ph.D. student Sarah Nolan and undergraduates Evan Dragich and Katie Tan.

As part of a 10-week Data+ project over the summer, the three students created a prototype dashboard that turned a massive amount of data into visualizations for each Duke Ph.D. program, offering easy-to-digest insights into the Ph.D. experience and the career trajectories of Duke Ph.D. graduates.


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Project Summary Evan Dragich (Stats/Bio) and Katie Tan (Econ) spent ten weeks working with two sets of survey data provided by alumni of the Duke Graduate School. After cleaning data, the team used R Shiny to build an interactive dashboard that can assist leadership aiming to improve the direction and...