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About Data+
Visualizing Duke wireless data
Mapping co-curricular pathways
Building a PTA
Mental Health Interventions by the Durham Police
The Social Side of Recommendation Systems: How Groups Shape Our Decisions
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Data+ Opening Day
Estimating U.S. Solar Capacity through Machine Learning
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Mentorship in the Data+ Reservoirs Group
Medieval Art Gets a Modern Twist
Data+ in Durham
Analyzing the North Carolina State Budget
Data Viz for Long-Term Ecological Research and Curricula
Room 351
Tobacco Retailer Mapping
Analytics for Safety in Durham
The Third Generation: Electricity Access in Developing Countries from Aerial Imagery
Data+ Breakfast Talks
Diagnosing Diabetes and Predicting Complications
Quantifying Discrimination
Devri Adams
Mentorship in Data+
Women in Data+
Who is Data+