Duke TRIPODSDuke TRIPODS was established in 2019 with a grant from the National Science Foundation to further our understanding of foundational principles in data science and to identify opportunities for innovation. Since then, as many as 25 faculty members – as well as graduate students and postdoctoral fellows – are working across disciplines to develop new tools and methods and to create dialogues in data science throughout North Carolina’s “Research Triangle.”

Project collaborators represent Duke departments including Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistical Science, and the team anticipates forging additional partnerships through engagement with the Rhodes Information Initiative at Duke and the regional Statistical and Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI).


This initiative is part of the NSF’s Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR) Big Idea activity, and all research and outreach efforts will focus on the three key themes below. Duke scientists have already produced significant scholarship on these topics, as reflected in the lists of recent publications and media coverage.

i. Scalable Algorithms with Uncertainty for Data Science

ii. Data Science at the Human-Machine Interface

iii. Fundamental Limits of Data Science




Sayan MukherjeeSayan Mukherjee, PI
Professor of Statistical Science, Mathematics and Computer Science


Robert CalderbankRobert Calderbank, Co-PI
Director of the Rhodes Information Initiative at Duke
Charles S. Sydnor Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Cynthia RudinCynthia Rudin, Co-PI
Professor of Computer Science
Prediction Analysis Lab


Jianfeng LuJianfeng Lu, Co-PI
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Chemistry


Rong GeRong Ge, Co-PI
Assistant Professor of Computer Science


Senior Personnel

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