Rhodes iiD Celebrates with Tea

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Rhodes iiD celebrated its second annual Chinese Tea Party on Friday, February 14th in the Ahmadieh Family Atrium on the 3rd Floor of Gross Hall. Taking time out from a busy week, iiD faculty, staff, and students enjoyed quality Chinese teas, a variety of cakes, and trying their hand at Chinese calligraphy and paper cutting.

“That was a lovely Friday afternoon break!” said Shelley Rusincovitch of the Duke Forge. After the first Chinese tea party’s success last year, Rhodes iiD decided to make this party an annual tradition in Gross Hall. It’s a great opportunity to take a little time out, enjoy some tea, and have some fun with the other people who work in iiD!

See below for some of our favorite tea party moments…

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Shixing Cao shows off her artistic talents at the 2nd annual Rhodes iiD Tea Party
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Rhodes iiD Director Robert Calderbank practicing his calligraphy with students
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Students in Rhodes iiD enjoying tea, calligraphy, and paper cutting

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