Jackson Hubbard

“I have gained a more realistic understanding of what working in a data scientist role looks like. I have learned a lot more than I was expecting to and cemented the skills that I had learned in class. I came into the summer unsure of what area of technology I wanted to pursue as a career, but now I am more confident of my role within data science. I have further learned what it looks like to work within a team, with a manager, and with other coworkers.”
Jackson Hubbard

Michael Xue ​​​​​​​

“Data+ helped me learn a lot about how to create a machine learning pipeline in order to discover meaningful relationships in data. It also gave me a broader view of data science and career opportunities. I also learned that data science research involves a lot of preprocessing and simply turning the data into a form that a model can digest.”
Michael Xue
Speech Emotion Analysis

Jeevan Tewari

“I’ve learned many technical tools for data analysis as well as improved my abilities as working part of a team. It was a unique experience working in data science research because this type of work isn’t offered in the lab portion of many classes. It’s an incredible opportunity to engage in data science research as an undergraduate student, especially when the decision making process is mostly up to you and your team.”
Jeevan Tewari
Human Rights in the Postwar World

Katelyn Chang

“I have learned a lot about JavaScript and Google Earth Engine and issuing remote sensing data to see what changes are happening at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge and how they are happening. I have also learned that working on a project like this is a great way to learn and make something at the same time.”
Katelyn Chang
Saltwater Intrusion on Coastal Ecosystems

Anonymous 2

“I have gotten a better look at where humanities can be useful and frankly, necessary, in implementing new methodologies and approaches to the data science field.”

Micalyn Struble

“I went from fumbling through CS101 my freshman fall to playing around with the hyper parameters of machine learning algorithms! That's a success in my book. I learned that data science projects take time and many little failures before you can arrive at anything close to the outcome that you'd like. I learned that, seemingly counterintuitively, I can't rely on other people to teach me things I can learn on my own, but there exists a whole community of people in data science who want to help me learn and grow.

Nikhil Kaul

“I feel I have gained a lot of technical skills regarding natural language processing which I really wanted to experience. I also got to experience what it was like working on a research team and attempting to solve a problem in that setting, which I found really valuable. I realized that data science really is a part of every field and it is so broad in terms of scope and what kind of work you will be doing.”
Nikhil Kaul
Invisible Adaptations

Anonymous 1

“I have gained extensive knowledge about all the human rights conflicts in the world and also just a general understanding of many different facts of data science. I realized that I am not as interested in research as a profession, but I did learn that the digital humanities are a very legitimate field.”
Anonymous student