Niyaz Nurbhasha

“I feel like I gained a lot of hard skills related to coding in different languages like Python and R. I'm really happy I had a chance to dive into some more complex machine learning problems like computer vision. Most importantly, I feel like I've gained enough confidence in my data science skills to pursue a related career after college.
Niyaz Nurbhasha
Basketball Analytics Pipeline

Alex Bendeck

“The exposure to lots of different methods and applications across data science has been very eye-opening. I've also gained perspective on the kind of skills, both "soft" and "hard,” that are useful both in academic environments and the real world. I didn't realize how much of data science was learning and researching topics on the fly. This is encouraging, because it means that if you can develop this skill of being able to quickly learn a topic/language/method, you're rarely under-qualified for a job or position.”
Alex Bendeck

Cathy Lee

“As a second time participant in Data+, I gained experience in a different type of data science project. Last summer, my team started with dirty data which we cleaned and performed NLP/machine learning classification on. This summer, my team had to web scrape and make API requests to collect a significant portion of data. Collecting and cleaning data enabled me to think more about how to obtain and organize data in a way that is convenient for the next person using it.

Meredith Brown

“I feel I have a better understanding of how to communicate my work to different groups of people. We met with stakeholders, other Data+ teams, and people from the University, all with different levels of technical knowledge, and this really allowed me to be adaptable in how I present what I've worked on. Before, I really thought "data scientist" described what I wanted to be. Now, I have a better understanding of the things I like and dislike.

Maria Henriquez

“I have gained experience in applying my classroom knowledge of data science to real world problems. I have made connections that could help further my future data science careers. I have also received offers and opportunities to continue working on the Data+ project and other related projects in the next coming semesters. At first, I thought data science and statistics were basically the same thing. I now realize how insanely wrong I was. Data science is this incredible combination of statistics, computer science, communications, and any other hobby or interest you so choose.

Brooke Scheinberg

“I’ve gained technical/coding skills, tangible experience with real big data, communication and public speaking skills, patience, and flexibility. There is way more problem-solving, dirty data, and things you have to account for than I thought in data science. Also, nothing is straightforward. Anything "shown" through data has used specific algorithms to get there.”
—Brooke Scheinberg
Recidivism in Durham County Jails