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Improving Patient-Entered Questionnaires Experience for Duke Health Patients


A team of students will collaborate with the Duke Health Digital Strategy Office, led by Associate Medical Director Joanna S. Cavalier, MD, to analyze data on patient-reported outcomes and patient questionnaires to improve patient experience and care. Our electronic health record, Epic, has a released a new data set that gives us a view into all of our electronic questionnaires, including which clinics are assigning which questionnaires and who is answering which questions. Patients are overburdened with questions and sometimes express frustration with how many questions they need to answer, yet certain clinicians want to collect data on their patients’ histories or outcomes. We aim to use this new data set to understand which patients are answering which questionnaires, how demographics impact response rates and may indicate disparities in care, and which questionnaires should be shortened or retired to improve both patient experience and patient care.

Project Lead: Joanna Cavalier, MD
Project Manager: Ayush Gupta



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