salamander on the ground

Duke Forest Reptile and Amphibian Data


A team of students led by Duke Forest staff as well as a faculty and postdoc from Duke’s Nicholas
School of the Environment will explore, organize, and create visualizations for observation data of
reptiles and amphibians—collectively known as “herpetofauna”—in the Duke Forest. This data is
directly collected by Duke Forest’s community scientists, teachers, researchers, and students at
specific research sites in the Forest. Data+ students will assist the Duke Forest by identifying and
implementing improvements to the data entry form, potentially by creating a custom data entry
survey or app. Students will also analyze the data and create an interactive platform or webpage of
data visualizations, that allows Duke Forest staff, volunteers, and researchers to better understand
(and ultimately learn to better protect) herpetofauna populations in the Duke Forest.

Project Lead: Maggie Heraty, Sarah Roberts, PhD and Nicolette (“Nicki”) Cagle, PhD

Project Manager: Caroline Rowley



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