Data Science & Machine Learning Internship Opportunities

Project Summary

A Durham-based startup, founded by Duke professors Larry Carin (ECE) and Ricardo Henao (B&B), is looking for interns excited to develop skills and gain experience in data science and machine learning. This is an opportunity to learn from and contribute to a new and growing company focused on cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning technology.

Themes and Categories

Collaborating with our small team of researchers and data scientists, typical activities may include:

  • Developing and evaluating statistical models, machine learning algorithms, and data processing techniques
  • Working with business-critical data on applications of natural language processing, bioinformatics, and image recognition
  • Applying deep learning techniques to large datasets through GPU-accelerated processing
  • Developing tools and libraries that support processing and analysis of datasets

No prior experience or coursework in machine learning is required, but candidates must show a motivation and desire to learn the theory and practice of the field. Candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Currently pursuing an advanced degree (MS or PhD) in a quantitative field (statistics, computer science, applied mathematics, etc.)
  • Experience in Python, R, or other prototyping environments
  • Able to work part-time in downtown Durham through the fall semester as a paid internship (the internship can also continue into the spring semester)

To apply, please send your resume and a list of relevant coursework to

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We are seeking up to two exceptional researchers to work on calculation of Fundamental Limits of Learning for High Dimensional, Purely High dimensional data, Sparse Data, and the Design of Limit Achieving Algorithms to work with Vahid Tarokh at the Information Initiative at Duke.

We are seeking an exceptional researcher to work on Change Detection for Multimodal Data, and Algorithm Design with Vahid Tarokh at the Information Initiative at Duke.