Data Science Intern - Lineage Logistics

Project Summary

Lineage Logistics is the second largest cold storage network in the world, playing a critical role in multiple global supply chains. We store and transport temperature-sensitive com- modities (about 40 billion lbs per year) in a large network of warehouses, trucks and rail cars. Our inventories include everything from Boeing’s carbon fiber to your 4th of July baby-back ribs.

Themes and Categories

We seek students in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering and Physics as Data Science Interns. Materially every aspect of our business relates to graph theory, convex/combinatorial optimization or thermo-fluid dynamics, giving experience in a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. In addition, Data Scientist Interns will gain industrial experience, seeing first-hand how a business operates and makes decisions.

Interns will work out of our data science office in San Francisco, California. 

Learn more about the internship (PDF).

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