Nathan Liang

Nathan Liang

Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy

About My Data+ Experience

“I have become far more familiar with a lot of software for data analytics and web development, helping me to feel more at ease with studying computer science. I’ve also learned how to collaborate in an interdisciplinary team toward one end goal specific to one field.

First, it definitely acquainted me with the broad and initially intimidating field. Second, it helped me see how interdisciplinary data science research can be, provided the right guidance and teamwork.”

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Nathan Liang, an undergraduate studying psychology and neuroscience, talks about his participation in a Data+ 2018 project that explored portrayals of women in media.

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Nathan Liang (Psychology, Statistics), Sandra Luksic (Philosophy, Political Science),and Alexis Malone (Statistics) began their 10-week project as an open-ended exploration how women are depicted both physically and figuratively in women’s magazines, seeking to consider what role magazines play in the imagined and real lives of women. Click here to read the Executive Summary   Project Lead: Charlotte...