Maksym Kosachevskyy

Maksym Kosachevskyy

Economics & Statistics

About My Data+ Experience

“The experience I gained at Data+ will stay with me my entire life. Of course, first and foremost, the program taught me how to conduct data science research. I entered Data+ with very basic understanding of R but with the help of my team and available resources I became proficient in the language and could easily manipulate a dataset. The weekly talks also broadened my scope of the field and the direction data science could be taken. It wasn’t the technical skills that made Data+ an excellent program, however. Data+ allowed me to work with different types of people and explore how they work, communicate, and interact. Furthermore, I learned to express my work very succinctly, as over two months of research had to be communicated in the length of an elevator pitch. The freedom that the project granted me also taught me a great deal about planning and time management.

Data+ showed me that data science isn’t all about coding and technical skills – that it’s about being able to work in a team and being able to communicate findings to someone unfamiliar with the field.”

Related Projects

Maksym Kosachevskyy (Economics) and Jaehyun Yoo (Statistics/Economics) spent ten weeks understanding temporal patterns in the used construction machinery market and investigating the relationship between these patterns and macroeconomic trends. They worked closely with a large dataset provided by, and discussed their findings with analytics professionals from a leading asset management firm. Click...