Lucy St. Charles

Lucy St. Charles

Global Health, Spanish

About My Data+ Experience

“I didn’t know too much about data science before Data+. Participating in Data+ has opened me to the challenges and victories in data science and the importance of data science in almost every field. I’ve realized how important knowledge of data science is both in academia and professional fields.

Yes – it showed me that Data Science can be a tool and not just a field. That some tools are pretty low barrier and easy to learn, even for non-computer science backgrounds.

As a non-data science major, I’ve learned a ton about the importance of data and how to manage it effectively to accomplish goals. I’ve also been exposed to the importance of data science outside of academia.”

Related Projects

Alexandra Putka (Biology/Neuroscience), John Madden (Economics), and Lucy St. Charles (Global Health/Spanish) spent ten weeks understanding the coverage and timeliness of maternal and pediatric vaccines in Durham. They used data from DEDUCE, the American Community Survey, and the CDC. This project will continue into the academic year via Bass Connections. Click here to read the Executive Summary...