Cathy Pin-Chian Lee

Cathy Pin-Chian Lee


About My Data+ Experience

“In addition to honing my skills in R and Python, I’ve become more familiar with the concepts behind statistical tools such as sentiment analysis, topic modeling, time series analysis, and machine learning classification. Presenting to my Data+ peers enabled me to practice effectively communicating my research. Furthermore, the talks from both peers and companies introduced me to tools and languages, such as deep learning and Tableau, that were beyond what I already knew.

Data+ broadened my perspective on Data Science research. Understanding other groups’ presentations showed me the intricacies behind a project consisting entirely of data mining or data visualization. Working on a project that is more applied ‘analytics’ as opposed to pure ‘research’ pushed me to focus on and present tools that have time-saving or fundraising value. All in all, Data+ enabled me to see ways by which analyzing data transforms our understanding of all fields, from the humanities to natural sciences.”

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Cathy Lee (Statistics) and Jennifer Zheng (Math, Emory University) spent ten weeks building tools to help Duke University Libraries better understand its journal purchasing practice. Using a combination of web-scraping and data-merging algorithms, the team created a dashboard to help library strategists visualize and optimize journal selection. Click here to read the Executive Summary Faculty...
Natalie Bui (Math/Economics), David Cheng (Electrical & Computer Engineering), and Cathy Lee (Statistics) spent ten weeks helping the Prospect Management and Analytics office of Duke Development understand how a variety of analytic techniques might enhance their workflow. The team used topic modeling and named entity recognition to develop a pipeline that clusters potential prospects into useful categories....