Elijah Bazemore

"Evaluation and Research is a Sustaining Core Element of Crisis Intervention Team. We are very fortunate to be in a position to collaborate with Duke’s Data+ Program. The team has done a phenomenal job with evaluation data from 2002 to 2017. We are looking forward to this continued relationship."

—Elijah Bazemore, Durham County Sheriff’s Department

Mental Health Interventions with the Durham Police

Jun Yang

"I am particularly impressed by how students with different (particularly non-computing) backgrounds were able to contribute to various projects in very meaningful ways. They were able to pick up bleeding-edge research and technology useful to the project. The intensive summer experience was really, really useful. At the end of the project, they definitely knew more than I did for some areas of the project!"

—Jun Yang, Professor of Computer Science, Duke University

Data & Technology for Fact-Checking

Emma Rasiel

"The team of students had excellent technical and communications skills. I was impressed at how self-driven they were, and their ability to come up with solutions to some inevitable data issues that they encountered. Their final output was both better presented, and more directly applicable, than I expected at the outset."

—Emma Rasiel, Professor Economics, Duke University

Data and the Global Corporate Bond Market

Evan Levine

"I was extremely impressed with our project mentor/manager. I was initially skeptical that a graduate student would be able to run the team and project as well as she did. She not only handled the day to day work but also came up with a lot of the ideas implemented in the project. We're actually going to be hiring some of the students to continue this project through the academic year."

—Evan Levine, Director, Academic & Media Technologies

Co-Curricular Pathways E-Advisor