Serge Assad

"Participating in Data+ definitely changed my perception of Data Science research. It was more interdisciplinary than I expected, and the opportunity to work with experts across different fields (Medicine, Civil Engineering, Statistics) was a defining aspect of my Data+ experience."

— Serge Assad, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Classification of Vascular Anomalies using Continuous Doppler Ultrasound and Machine Learning

Devri Adams

"My participation in the Data+ program has shown me how to successfully work with a dynamic team. Each of my team members were fundamentally different in course interests and background, yet we came together to create a polished product in which we each were a point person for a specific portion. I have also gained confidence in my ability to learn new skills, as I basically taught myself (through Google and asking teammates) how to program in R over this summer."
—Devri Adams, Environmental Science

Susie Choi

"Before Data+, data science research sounded like a non-collaborative job involving PhD-level statistical concepts. Data+, however, showed me that there is a place for collaborative workers from all different backgrounds (and of all skill levels) in data science research. Participating in Data+ has enriched my technical skills as a coder; I am now able to navigate software and employ coding languages that I was not at all familiar with before the start of the program.