Remote Doctoral Defenses Bring Surprising Benefits

Friday, March 27 2020

Narayanan Rengaswamy and other Duke Engineering PhD candidates have experienced the bright side of having to shift to online dissertation defenses.

Mathemalchemy Project Comes to Duke

Friday, March 6 2020
A small model of the Mathemalchemy project shown at the Joint Mathematics Session on Mathematics and the Arts held in Denver, CO in January 2020

Rhodes iiD Celebrates with Tea

Monday, February 17 2020

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Rhodes iiD celebrated its second annual Chinese Tea Party on Friday, February 14th in the Ahmadieh Family Atrium on the 3rd Floor of Gross Hall. Taking time out from a busy week, iiD faculty, staff, and students enjoyed quality Chinese teas, a variety of cakes, and trying their hand at Chinese calligraphy and paper cutting.

Building Sandcastles with History

Tuesday, February 4 2020

With the project “The Sandcastle Workflow: A Malleable System for Visualizing Pre-modern Maps and Views,” Edward Triplett and Philip Stern are asking what we could learn about the medieval and early modern world if we used technology to try to understand the maps as they were drawn. They are also leading a related Data+ project for the summer of 2020.

Women's Health: It's Personal for Nimmi Ramanujam

Tuesday, January 28 2020

Dr. Ramanujam talks about her journey to becoming the Robert W. Carr Jr. Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering and a professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology in the Duke School of Medicine.

Mathematics Pioneer Ingrid Daubechies Has More Barriers to Break

Tuesday, January 28 2020

The Duke professor, best known for her work on wavelets, wants to reduce the obstacles to women entering the sciences.

Using a Chord Diagram to Visualize Dynamics in Contraceptive Use: Bringing Data into Practice

Thursday, December 12 2019

Members of the Data+ project team for Big Data for Reproductive Health published their findings in Global Health: Science and Practice. 

How Do We Remember and Memorialize the Middle Passage?

Tuesday, December 3 2019

Building on the work of a Data+ team, a Bass Connections project team is creating a map showing where the deaths of enslaved Africans occurred in the Atlantic; their original data will support a proposal for a Middle Passage memorial.

A New Dawn for Duke’s Data Scavengers

Tuesday, November 5 2019

Luke Truitt, an undergraduate machine learning enthusiast, secures $45,000 to fund a computing mini-cluster dedicated to student use.

Data+ Durham Evictions Team Present Their Findings to City of Durham

Friday, October 11 2019

Over the summer of 2019, DataWorks NC sponsored a Duke Data+ project with the Rhodes Information Initiative to examine eviction data in Durham, and identify trends that could guide Durham City and County Government and other stakeholders in deciding which interventions would be most effective for Durham community members facing eviction from their homes.