Extra Effort: Finishing the Job on Data+

Monday, January 25 2016

Some of our Data+ projects don’t end at after summer—the students keep the work alive out of a passion for the subject they worked on.

From the Deputy Director: The Importance of Where the (Big) Data Came From

Monday, January 4 2016

A few weeks ago I participated in an expert meeting hosted by the National Academy of Sciences and sponsored by the U.S.

Big Data’s Mathematical Mysteries

Friday, December 4 2015

In Quanta Magazine, iiD's Ingrid Daubechies writes that machine learning works spectacularly well, but mathematicians aren’t quite sure why.

Creating Artists Who Understand Technology, and Engineers Who Understand Art

Thursday, November 12 2015

iiD's Martin Brooke has teamed with Tommy DeFrantz from the Department of African and African American Studies and Tyler Walters—a former lead dancer of the Joffrey Ballet who teaches in the Dance program at Duke—for a grant from the Center for Instructional Technology. Together they taught an engineering class called Performance and Technology.

Faculty Perspectives: Martin Brooke

Thursday, November 12 2015

Martin Brooke talks about his work the theoretical and historical implications of using technology in performance and how data-intensive live processing be used to create live art works that transform our awareness of the space around us.

Learning to Party: Celebrating iiD

Monday, November 9 2015

In early November, iiD  got together with the Duke Social Science Reseach Initiative and the Duke Energy Initiative  to celebrate recent achievements and give thanks for support.

We wanted to thank the Ahmadieh family for their support of programs and partnerships across Duke.

Autism Group Receives Duke Teamwork Award

Wednesday, November 4 2015

Our autism app received more praise—this time for the collaborative effort that made it happen. Each year, Duke recognizes university and health system employees as Teamwork award winners for contributions to Duke and Durham. Bringing together 25 faculty and staff from across 11 schools and departments, the iiD-led app project is the epitome of interdisciplinary teamwork.

Duke Alumnus Uses Data Science to Win Awards, Partner with Students

Wednesday, October 21 2015
Elliott Wolf (Trinity ’08) is the director of analytics at Lineage Logistics, which has won a Data Impact Award from Cloudera in the Data Driven Transformation category.

In the News: Autism App

Sunday, October 18 2015

Everybody's talking about a new app developed by a team co-led by iiD’s Helen Egger and Guillermo Sapiro. Created in partnership with Apple, the free iOS app aims to learn more about autism in young children living around the world last week. Check out what news organizations are saying:

Duke Launches Autism Research App with Global Reach

Thursday, October 15 2015

A team of researchers and software developers from Duke University and the Duke Medical Center—co-led by iiD’s Helen Egger and Guillermo Sapiro—has introduced a free iOS app to learn more about autism in young children living around the world.