Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development Receive $12.5 Million Grant to Study ADHD, Autism Connection

Oct 13, 2017

Duke Center for AutismCongratulations to Dr. Guillermo Sapiro, along with Dr. Geraldine Dawson, Linmarie Sikich, Scott Kollins, Scott Compton, Kenneth DodgeNaomi Davis and Michael Murias of the Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development. They have received a 5-year, $12.5 million grant from the NIH to study the connections between ADHD and autism in children.

The research will focus on 3 stages: the testing of new screening tools in the pediatric population, the second stage focuses on identifying bio markers and differences in brain function to predict risk factors, and the third stage will explore how the combination of behavioral and pharmaceutical treatments affects autism and ADHD symptoms and brain activity. We look forward to learning more about their discoveries in the years ahead! Watch more about this ground breaking research here:

Dr. Sapiro’s lab group has also been hard at work. This summer, Sapiro Lab members Jordan Hashemi and Zhuoqing (George) Chang participated in an internship at Apple headquarters. Both students reported that they gained perspective on new ways to approach problems and research goals, and that working with people who had strong technical backgrounds allowed them to work at a much faster pace. More information on both students and their work in iiD here:

We look forward to hearing more about their work!

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