2021 Plus Program Information Fair Showcases Summer Projects in Data Science, Coding, and Computer Science

On Friday January 29, hundreds of undergraduate students from around the world signed into Zoom to explore the wide array of summer projects offered by Data+, Code+, and CS+ this summer.

Students visited with project leads and managers in separate breakout rooms for each project, and learned more about the goals for each project over the summer. For students interested in multiple projects, the Information Fair was a great way to help decide which projects would be the most exciting to them before applying to the program.

Watch project leads Greg Appelbaum, Nicole Schramm- Sapyta, and Esko Brummel discuss their 2021 goals with students at the Fair here:


Admissions for Data+, Code+, and CS+ are all open. The programs will run from June 1 – August 6, 2021, and provide a wide array of data science, coding, and computer science projects that are open to all disciplines. While all activities will be offered in a virtual format, the Plus Programs are following Duke University guidance on any potential in person meetings.

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Figure 1: students meet with project lead Astrid Giugni to discuss the
Ethical Consumption Before Capitalism 2021 Data+ project


by Ariel Dawn