Visualizing Suffering: Tracking Photojournalism and the Syrian Refugee Crisis


A team of students led by English professor Astrid Giugni and doctoral candidate Jessica Hines will analyze the context and dissemination of images of the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Students will use the Associated Press (AP) Images database - one of the world’s largest collections of historical and contemporary imagery - to identify key features of suffering within images, consider the distribution of images in the political context of news outlets, and create an interactive visualization of image dissemination. This impactful project will enable students to help address the following questions: what does suffering look like? How do images inspire compassion for the suffering of others? And what are the social and political valences of the representation of suffering?

Faculty Lead: Astrid Giugni

Project Manager: Jessica Hines

Student Team: Alejandro Ortega, Peilin Lai, Robbie Ha



Ashlee Valente , Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine


Social Sciences