Understanding Duke Research Based on Large-Scale Faculty Publication Records


There is significant interest in learning the intellectual breadth and depth of a research enterprise, including the underlying communities and networks that are supported within.

Leveraging the Scholars@Duke database, which summarizes all publications of all Duke faculty for the last five years, a team of students will work with faculty and staff from the Duke Network Analysis Center and the Office of the Provost to identify and visualize intellectual communities that exist across the university.

Using publication names, lists of authors, publication forums, dates of publication, and abstracts, students will have the opportunity to characterize and visualize the landscape of research topics at Duke and their interconnections through faculty publications. This project will help illustrate areas of research with deep strength, as well as more shallow areas of research potentially in need of further university investment.

Project Leads: Lawrence Carin, James Moody, Julia Trimmer

Project Manager: Zhennan Zhou, Assistant Research Professor in Mathematics

Student Team: John Benhart, Esko Brummel







Paul Bendich , Mathematics


Social Sciences