Online Financial Behavior and the Internet of Things


A team of students led by ECE Professor and iiD director Robert Calderbank and Professor of the Practice of Economics Emma Rasiel will spend ten weeks understanding how insights from "the internet of things" (IOT) can help shed light on analyses of financial decision-making. The team will use a large set of transactional, demographic, and behavioral data supplied by TD Bank, and will propose several potential sources of IOT data and the best approach to merge data sources, as well as propose use cases within the FI sector. There will be opportunities to discuss findings with TD Bank leadership.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data provided, IRB training will be required and all analysis of the TD Bank data will take place within a secure environment.

Project Lead: Brian Walsh

Faculty Leads: Robert Calderbank, Emma Rasiel

Project Manager: Shai Gorksy, Graduate student in Statistics

Student Team: Zijing Huang, Artem Streltsov, Frank Yin





Paul Bendich , Mathematics


Finance, Economics and Computation
Social Sciences