Mental Health Interventions by Durham Police


A team of students led by Duke Institute for Brain Sciences faculty Nicole Schramm-Sapyta will provide analytical consulting support to the Durham Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Collaborative, a county-wide effort to provide law enforcement and other first responders with specialized training in mental illness and crisis intervention techniques.

Working with 911 call data and de-identified incident reports from the Durham Police Department, the team will suggest ways to quantitatively and qualitatively assess the effectiveness of the CIT unit, suggest potential improvements in offered services, and provide advice about future data gathering practices. There will be an opportunity to discuss findings with unit and city leadership.

Due to the nature of the data, IRB training will be required and all analysis by students will be done within a secure computing environment.

Partially sponsored by Bass Connections.

Faculty Lead: Nicole Schramm-Sapyta

Project Manager: Bryce Bartlett, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology

Student Team: Rachel Buchanan, Jackson Dellinger, Amber Strange



Paul Bendich , Mathematics


Social Sciences