Controlled Substance Monitoring Visualization


A team of students led by Dr. Rebecca Schroeder of Duke Anesthesiology will create an analytics and visualization tool to leverage pharmacy information management data to identify controlled substance accounting patterns among anesthesia providers consistent with an elevated risk of diversion for personal or alternate use.

Using Tableau, students will create a visual interface for de-identified controlled substance administration data from Duke anesthesiology, and apply mathematical and statistics approaches to detect discrepancies between drugs issued and drugs administered, changes in patterns of drug issuance, and unusual administration patterns. This project provides an opportunity for students to have a significant and potentially life-saving impact on clinical operations. Partially funded by Duke Anesthesiology.

Faculty Lead: Rebecca Schroeder

Project Manager: Willem van den Boom, Ph.D. candidate, Statistics

Student Team: Jing Lyu, Jacob Sumner, Julianna Zhang



Ashlee Valente , Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine


Health Systems Operations